Legendary film director Donald Baines (Kirk Douglas) lies dying alone in his private screening room. Having isolated himself from family and friends, he now regrets many personal sacrifices he made over the course of his life. His rejection of his illegitimate child, Christopher (Michael A Goorjian), whom he has seen only once in 30 years, brings him the most pain.

Late one night, Donald is awakened by Stan (Ron Marasco), a favorite editor who has been dead more than 35 years. Suddenly Donald finds his deathbed magically transported to an old movie house. Stan informs Donald that he has come to help and that he will show him three films – three visions – each vision representing a different period of Christopher’s life.

It is these three visions which ultimately force Donald to bears witness to and reconcile with the feelings he has about the abandonment of his son.


The making of this film was a true labor of love, for myself and I believe for the other people involved in its creation. Due to sporadic funding, the project took several years to complete. Difficult though it was, everyone’s devotion and hard work paid off and the film was released in 2004. I learned many invaluable things working on this film both about music and about myself, and am very grateful to have participated in its creation. Watching it now, I can see even more clearly all of the heart that radiates from this picture.

I hope you enjoy watching these scenes from the film.
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Sheet music for select pieces from the score are available here.