The Shift


About this album

This is the music soundtrack behind the film The Shift, starring Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. It features Christopher Ferreira’s original musical score for the film plus songs by Ethan Lipton and his Orchestra which were featured in the film.The film and the soundtrack were released by Hay House in 2009.

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Please enjoy these sample selections from the soundtrack.


1. Ambition To Meaning, Part 1 (Ferreira)
2. The Arrival (Ferreira)
3. The Flora and the Fauna (Lipton)
4. Afternoon Piano Sonata (Ferreira)
5. Bossy Man (Lipton)
6. The Source (Ferreira)
7. Synchronicities (Ferreira)
8. Purpose (Ferreira)
9. Old People Don’t Whisper (Lipton)
10. Never Met (Lipton)
11. Asilomar Piano Sonata (Ferreira)
12. Ambition To Meaning, Part 2 (Ferreira)
13. Song Inside (Lipton)


Album Credits

The Shift

Tracks 1,2,4,6,7,8,11 and 12 Produced, edited, composed and performed by Christopher Ferreira.

Piano and keyboard recording/mixing took place October 13-16 2008 at Tiny Telephone Studio in San Francisco, CA.
Recording Engineer: Scott Solter
Assistant Engineer: Laura Dean
Mixer: Charlie Beutter
Mastering Engineer: Mike Wells

Tracks 3,5,9,10 and 13 produced, written, and performed by Ethan Lipton & his Orchestra.