The Piano Pieces


About the album

The Piano Pieces is the first complete recording of Christopher’s solo piano music. It is an album that he has dreamed of making for many years. Some of the earliest pieces (“A Minor Waltz”, “Beatrice”) had their beginnings as far back as 1994 when he was given his first piano and began learning about music. Many of the pieces have appeared in various forms in Christopher’s film work, but he has continually revised and reworked them in the hopes of one day making an album of his solo piano music. Over the years fragments of revisions were recorded, noted, lost and discovered, rewritten and lost again until 2009 when Christopher made the decision to try and bring all of this material together into one cohesive work. Nineteen months later, The Piano Pieces was recorded in its entirety at Skywalker Sound in Nicasio, California.*

It is with great pleasure that I present to you, the listener, these piano pieces. It is my hope that they give something to you, as they have given much to me. Thank you for your generosity in taking the time to listen…

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Album Credits

The Piano Pieces

All songs composed, produced and performed by Christopher Ferreira.

Recorded at Skywalker Sound, Nicasio, California on August 12th, September 2nd and September 15th 2010.
Recording Engineer: Leslie Ann Jones
Piano: Yamaha 9’ CFIIIS Concert Grand

Editors: Christopher Ferreira and Mark Willsher
Mastering Engineer: Mike Wells

Photos of Christopher by Chung Li :
Photo of Mendocino woods by Sarah Goorjian
Additional photos by Atsuko Yamagishi
Art Direction and Design by Satoshi Yanagisawa
Booklet Design by Atsuko Yamagishi

The Piano Pieces © and Published 2011 BMI. All rights reserved.


A special thank you to Atsuko Yamagishi for her love, support, patience, and for her invaluable help in seeing this project through to completion.

A special thank you to Michael Goorjian, whose encouragement, feedback and unwavering support over the years have contributed volumes to my development as a musician and to these pieces of music.

I would also like to thank Paris King, for opening the doors to music; Michael Ferreira and Ronald Ferreira for their generosity and support; Richard Rogers and the San Francisco Conservatory; Charity, Damon and Dylan; the Goorjian family for many things including my first piano; The Yamagishi family; Bob, Stephanie and Nicole Harrison;  The Wyman family;  Barbara Justice; The Horvath family; Marian Baldwin; Bic Chiem; Ron Marasco; Noah Veneklasen and Muse Media; Jolie Martin; Shamrok; John King; Michael Conant; Brian Copenhagen; the good folks at Circle Community Acupuncture for keeping me going; Bear #1 and Bear #2; Lisn Incense; Skywalker studios; my neighbors; my piano; and you- the listener.

In memory of Cynthia Lindahl Wyman.